Service 01

Oxygen generator sales and rental business

We sell and rent pet oxygen generators.
We strive every day to ship items as quickly as possible so that we can quickly respond to pets and other family members.
We can also accommodate large quantities of shipments, so please contact us.

Service 02


We handle trial sales on overseas network on behalf of our client , undertake exporting business, and handle applications for necessary documents on your behalf. We help those who are interested in exporting to overseas, those who have connection with overseas but have trouble understanding the procedure, and those who are worried about interacting with local customers.

Service 03

Fine arts, pottery, etc.

We give advises that meet your needs regarding collections of fine arts, pottery, etc.

Service 04

Rental apartment

We manage apartments for rent in the Shiga prefecture.

Service 05

Procedures for studying abroad

IKOU Inc. provides consistent support services throughout your whole travel. Let us support your foreign studies.

Service 06

Export of Japanese-sake and liqueurs

We export Japanese-sake and liqueurs overseas. Currently, the demand for Japanese-sake is expanding overseas. Finding a sales destination overseas is not easy. We will support the sake brewery that we are considering exporting to overseas.