Deliver happiness to people,
Continue to create a richer society.

As a" solution provider "that connects people and things, we contribute to problem solving with the best proposals so that we could create happiness for our customers.
Our goal is to continue to grow toward a new world that has no boundaries.

Company Info
- 対話 -

We always communicate with both sides. Understand and share the thoughts of the others.

- 挑戦 -

We will continue to challenge anything that comes into our way. We only focus on "How to do" but not "It is impossible", in order to achieve better.

- 誠実 -

Be noble, honest and sincere at all times. These strong values are essential when it comes to how do we do our job.


Create value that transforms your lifestyle.

Since founding, we have been engaged in various businesses such as fine arts and pottery, as well as logistics services, without being bound by preconceived ideas. Currently, we are expanding new business development not only in Japan but also overseas. We want to be good consultants for customers. We want to be able to assist as a partner that understand and share the same perspective of the customers.

We strive for the best with the desire to do business with our partners. In addition, we are not afraid of new innovation that appears within our community. We move rapidly and we offer a variety of businesses with more well planned services and free ideas than ever before. We will continue to take on the challenges.

Chief executive officer ONOUE Ryusei

Company name



ONOUE Ryusei


1-6-18,Shiro-machi,Hikone-Shi,SHIGA,Japan 522-0068

18Total assets

6 million (yen)







Business content

Trade / Sales of fine arts and pottery / Rental apartments / Export of Japanese-sake and liqueurs / Study abroad procedures / Material agency, etc.